Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Absence makes the heart grow fonder....

Has it really been since November that I posted?  I came down from my blogging high with a hard crash.  To sum up everything I've left out in the past two months....

The highlight of December was presenting at the Title I Conference in Gatlinburg TN.  I'm still amazed at how God helped me during that.  You can read about it here....

January came with two snow days...not easy to come by in our county...a real treat I tell you.   Other highlights include a student teacher (I'll be posting soon what I created to welcome this teacher),  and being voted Teacher of the Year.  What a honor!

   I promise I'm still here, still kicking (hard), and still teaching!  My brain is starting to function again so expect some more post coming next week!

Until then here is a math mat I created to use with linking cubes when teaching subtraction with regrouping.  I printed mine double sided:


  1. Hi! I'm glad I found your blog! Your ideas are very cute (new follower) That's cool that you presented at a Title conference. I teach Title math. I like it but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a classroom job in the coming school year. Come check my blog out when you get the chance! :)

  2. Congratulations on being Teacher of the Year!


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  4. I just tagged you- hope you will stop by my blog when you get a chance :)

  5. I have to say that I loove the name of your blog!!