Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Last Year's Classroom--Repost

This is a repost from my other blog, Keeping Up with the Joneses.   Since it was had WAY more hits then any other post from there, I thought I'd repost it here.  I haven't been to my classroom this summer yet.  Gotta get there real soon.  I do have some changes swimming around in my head so be looking for a post on that soon.  :)

I'm excited to share my classroom with you.  This is my sixth year teaching.  It seems every year I add a little more of my personality to my classroom.  I'm really starting to like it :)  Lets start with a couple of scanning photos. 

    Right beside my door you will find my word work bookcase.  I have always loved the size of this bookcase.  It fits perfectly in several spots in the room and it's pretty sturdy.  However I wasn't in love with the blah fake wood color.  So 2 summers ago I decided to modge podge it with small squares of scrap booking paper.  I love it!  It always gets bunches of compliments. 
    Word Work is one of the components of The Daily Five that I'm excited to be implementing this year.  The tubs on the selves contain things such as playdoh, letter stamps, scrabble tiles, letter tiles, gloves (for clapping out syllables), magnetic letters, and some other fun things.  The kids will choose what to use, and work independently during their word work time.  If you work with children you know that too many choices can be a bad thing!  So I have made closed and open signs that stick on with Velcro so the kids will know what is available for them.  Right now they are all closed (the red circle) since we haven't started this part of the daily five yet.
    The blue pocket chart hanging behind the book case doesn't have a specific purpose.  Occasionally I put a poem in it for the kids to read when lining up.  

Next to Word work you will find my mailboxes, for graded work and notes home.  On top is the baskets where the kiddos turn in folders, homework, and notes from home. 

Above the mailboxes is my star chart.  This is how we keep up with discipline in my room.  Every kid has a star.  If they get in trouble they move it down once.  
On the other side of my door is a small bookcase where we store the notebooks for writers workshop.  I didn't snap a picture of above this bookcase.  There I have my rules posted and some of the faces that I made last summer.
Beside the mail boxes is my reading center.  I have my books stored in baskets by genre, or author, or subject matter.  This is about 1/6 of my books.  I don't have enough shelves to put them all out at once.  It's kind of refreshing to be able to switch them out.  The kids enjoy the new books.  Also in my reading center is some new seating that I added this year.  I love my seat crates!  I got the idea from proteacher and Michael cut the board for me.  It was an easy project!
Beside my reading center is my kids book boxes where they keep their books.  This picture is a week or so old.  They are much cuter now that I have the kids pictures on them.  :)

Next up is my horseshoe table for reading groups.  And then my computers in the corner.

Next up is the bucket fillers bulletin board. 
  My reading board is next to it.  It has pocket charts for the daily five, a chart for the reading cafe (comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and expanding vocab skills that I will be teaching), and a chart for our weekly spelling and vocab words.
Next is my homeworkopoly board.  The kids get to play on Fridays if they've turned in their homework all week.  This is a new favorite in my classroom!

In front of these boards is my carpet and whiteboard chart thingy.  We spend a lot of time on the carpet. 

 Behind the chart is my desk.  I'm embarrassed of this picture.  That book case is badly neglected!
In the front of my room next to the white board is a small bulletin board.  My kids are sitting in rows.  They can earn brownies for their row's pan.  When the pan is full they get a treat.   This is working wonders in my room right now!   I'm thinking of other things to change this to later on in the year.  Maybe icecream sundaes or something.
 My coat racks and birthdays....

My Math board....I'm kicking myself for using the star fabric on it.  It's too busy.  But I'm too tired to fix it this year. 

This bulletin board will display post cards from other states.  We are participating in a post card exchange again this year. 

And finally My Promethean Board.  If you haven't been in a classroom lately you will probably be surprised at the technology available.  This interactive board is hooked to my computer.  I can use it to project or it's interactive and can be used much like a big computer.  It's a wonderful teaching tool!

Thats it.  Let me know how you liked my room.


  1. Such a great, inviting and colorful room! I love the way you show that daily 5 activities are closed. I'm definitely going to have to steal that one! I just became a follower.

  2. Great classroom. I've noticed you use Saxon math and you don't follow their math board. We do too and I've made my own math board the last couple of years. It's good to see I'm not the only one. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sharon,
    I love saxon math and am a little sad that last year was our last year to use it. My one complaint is that the items for their math board are so ugly! I had to redesign mine. :)

  4. What types of rewards do you have on your homework-opoly board? Did you post it anywhere in a pdf? That is such a creative idea!

  5. I am curious about your Homeworkopoly....how does it work? Do you have a template to use for other teachers to borrow this idea?


  6. Love love your classroom! Everything is so colorful and inviting. I don't think that the star fabric looks busy at all... it looks great!


  7. Can you explain how the Monopoly homework board works? I am wondering if I can adapt it for older students. Thanks!

    1. I also am wondering about the Homeworkopoly. Can you explain please? :)

  8. Here's the post I did on Homeworkopoly last year:


    This year I'm using a version on my Promethean Board. I downloaded it from Promethean Planet and modified it to fit my needs.

    Hope this helps.


    1. I clicked and the other page was disabled. Can you explain the homeworkopoly board please?

  9. I too would like an explanation...it looks great!!