Sunday, November 13, 2011

How to show Youtube Clips at School

   Oh Technology is great...when it's working.  I didn't realize how dependent on my Promethean board I am until this past week when my projector bulb blew.  I've been at a loss waiting on the replacement.  I use it through my entire math lesson daily.  I've been struggling trying to show my kids how to do something on a hundred's chart from a small worksheet.   And all that led into a teacher story about how when I was school there were no smart boards.  We didn't even have dry erase boards.  We use to have to go outside and beat the chalk board erasers.  My kids were staring with their mouths open.  At that moment I felt sooo old!  They also asked for more stories like that during read-a-loud.  Hahaha!
    Our school has several (thousands) of websites blocked.  One of which is Youtube.  I understand the reasoning (protecting our children's eyes and minds)  however it can be annoying when there are so many good teaching clips on there.  Such as this one that I wanted to use during an observation lesson on prefixes:

Does it get any better than that?   

A co-worker shared a way to download and share you-tube clips (that are appropriate) during your lesson.  Maybe everyone else already knows this secret.  I sure didn't.

1.  On your home computer (that doesn't have everything blocked) download the free version of Real Time Player.   You can find it here:
2. Pull up the you-tube video that you want to save. 
3.  Your browser should have a box pop up asking if you want to download that video to Real Time Player.  However, if you are like me and don't get that popup, right click on the video and chose it from the drop down menu there.  
4. Go to real player.  Save video to a disk or thumb drive. 
5.  At school, down load the same Real Time Player.  
6.  Open your saved video and it should automatically play in the Real Time Player.  

Easy Peesy, Lemon Squeezy!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Veteran's Day

We are gearing up for our Veteran's Day Program on Friday.  I always use this time of year to teach my patriotic symbols unit and we do a lot of fun things to accompany Veteran's Day.  I thought I'd post my favorite two projects.  

I love this guy!  The pattern comes from a mailbox magazine.  We use tissue paper to cover the pattern and then place it on a sheet of card stock that has been covered with aluminum foil.  We'll decorate the hallway with these. 

My next favorite item is in my TPT store.  I display the picture cards in my pocket chart.  I then read their description cards and the kids have to tell me which picture goes with which card.  I also have several more sets of these that I let the kids play concentration (the matching game) with.  

You can see more about it here.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Reading Graphs

    I could talk about reading levels (we use Rigby), Fluency WPM, and sight words in my sleep.  I know where all my kids are and where they should be.  I'm engrossed in it.  Sometimes it's easy to forget that the parents' of the kids aren't so engrossed in it.  The teacher terms can be confusing if not well explained.  I created these graphs to help parents see where their kids are and where they should be at each point in the year.  I keep a master copy and then quickly fill out the parent's copy each grading period.  I realize that a lot of teachers won't be using Rigby levels, or our county's sight words but maybe this will give you an idea of how to create your own chart. 

Reading Graphs

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Proper Nouns

We have been studying Proper Nouns.  Anyone else ever have problems with their students confusing these with Plural nouns?  Oh my word!   

We made this Proper and Common Noun tree to help out.  The yellow leaves are common nouns that match the red leaf proper nouns they are hung with.  Same goes for the orange and green leaves.