Sunday, March 4, 2012


We have spent the last several weeks in second grade studying adjectives.  I thought I'd share my three favorite ways to teach adjectives.   As usual none of these ideas are my original.  I'm not sure who to give credit to...if it's you, let me know!

The first pictures are of adjective kisses.  I give the kids each a candy kiss to eat, and they come up with adjectives to describe it.  I had an aid cut out card-stock in the shape of a kiss and cover it with aluminum foil.  The kids write the adjectives with sharpies onto the kisses.  I use white streamers to add their name to it.   These pictures aren't's hard to take pictures of aluminum foil!

My kids also love using Babbling Abby's Popcorn Unit.  I bring in Michael's air popper and pop the popcorn in the room.  They honestly think it's the best thing ever!  Then we write adjectives to describe the popcorn. 

A third way that I like teaching adjectives is by making wordles.  The kids go around the room and write down an adjective to describe the other kids.  I then turn them into wordles and print in color.  They turn out super cute!

An aid was laughing at all my food to teach adjectives.  She said next year I should give them coke and then make soda cans.  Not a bad idea at all!

And finally to celebrate the Dr.  My pictures hung around my door drawn by a friend's husband!


  1. What fun activities for teaching adjectives! I love to give my kiddos grocery ads and ads we get in the mail for pizza and other fast food chains...they are great for using adjectives.

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  2. I love the wordle adjectives. What a great idea....could be a really neat Mother's Day gift.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  3. I LOVE this! You are by far the BEST teacher ever! thanks

  4. Love these ideas! Head over to my new 2nd grade blog if you get a chance!

  5. Stephanie - all those projects are soo cute! So glad I found you! I am your newest follower. I teach first grade in CA....AND I'm having a lucky 300 giveaway - come check it out.
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  6. Love these ideas, especially the kisses! I am a new follower!

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  8. excellent idea for students to learn adjective. i think it's fun for student to learn through this teaching method.

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