Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Math Centers

   Like many teacher bloggers this past summer I read Debbie Diller's newest book:  Math Work Stations: Independent Learning you can count on K-2.   I've used math centers in the past but only when I've taught Kindergarten.  I started realizing how they would be a great concept for Second Grade also. 
     My biggest "ah-ha" moment while reading the book was that center groups didn't have to consist of 4 to 6 children.  The centers actually run smoother with kids working in pairs.  And while I have to more centers this way I'm loving it!   I paired my kids up based on ability, and behavior.  So one group may be a child who is high in math paired with a child who is low in math.  Another group may be a child that tends to be distracted and off task paired with a goodie-too-shoes who will work to keep them on task. 
    We've been working in the centers for the past two week.  My goal is to eventually be pulling intervention groups during this time.  

   This is where I'm housing my centers.  The numbers on the drawers match the center number the child will be working at.  I cut the numbers from vinyl using my cricut.  

This is our rotation chart. 

 This child is graphing the coins rolled.

    X-tra math on the computer.  This is not one of the actual centers.  Every child does this program daily.

Doubles game


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