Saturday, August 6, 2011

School Supply Organiation

    My first day back to school is only days way! Yikes!  Elementary school teachers can appreciate how hectic the first morning is.  Twenty kids, 40 new shoes, 20 backpacks, new crayons, parents wanting pictures, parents asking questions, teacher trying to figure out how each child will get home...and of course the two grocery bags stuffed full of supplies. Hectic is probably an understatement....more like chaos.  
     I'm hoping to curve the chaos a little by being more organized with the school supply part.  I created labels to go around the room so that the kids will know where to place the appropriate supplies.  I also created a PowerPoint slide to go on my Promethean board with directions for the kids.  

Clorox Wipes

  (The cards are made to be folded, so that they will stand.)

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  1. Excellent idea!!!! All those supplies make my head spin.